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Note: This web site has been restored from a 2001 backup so I can show it. Offers made on the site are not valid. Expect broken links.

Hosting - Our Rates  

All accounts are required to abide by the Hosting Policy. Please familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations regarding hosting your web site with us. All names used for account hosting are subject to availability & approval. For our rates regarding web site development, please visit the web site design page.

2nd Level Hosting - $9.95/Month

5 MB of HD space + 1 email address

Domain Name Hosting - $19.95/Month

10 MB of HD space + 10 email addresses

Domain Name Hosting With Secured Services - $29.95/Month
( + SSL Encryption of Sensitive Information)

10 MB of HD space + 10 email addresses + SSL Services

Bandwidth Useage
Your basic hosting fees provide 500MB/month with an additional $5.00 for each additional 25MB transferred. You can monitor your bandwidth useage on the statistics web page for your domain.

Parking a Domain Name - $30.00/1 time fee
(does not include InterNic registration fees)

This covers the labor of parking the domain name on our server. Parked Domain means that the name lies dormant for future use. Parked domain does not cover email or hosting services. The name is just recognized to satisfy InterNic's requirements for reverse DNS. This is perfect for people who wish to reserve a name, and are not ready to begin hosting. Any modification of the 'Parked' status is beyond the scope of 'Parked' charges.

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