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Note: This web site has been restored from a 2001 backup so I can show it. Offers made on the site are not valid. Expect broken links.

About IMS - Services  

Web Site Hosting
Where you should host your web site is probably the most critical decision you make. While cost is a factor, great weight of consideration should be paid to the quality portion of the service. What features are available? What is the redundancy plan? How fast is the connection to the world? What happens if the hardware fails? What is the backup plan? etc. Most of all, you need to know that your host provider cares about your business just as much as you do. Your host's success greatly depends on your success.

Internet Marketing Specialists takes great pride in the professionally mapped server structures. We have taken great efforts to ensure dependable high speed connections to the Internet. We have implented structured plans which provide the peace of mind during power, hardware, mail & web server failures. While nothing can be 100% safe, we work hard to bring 99.99% uptime hosting service. Your business is definitely important to us.

Secured Services
Encryption technology is extremely important for protecting your privacy or things you consider to be confidential areas, files or communications. We integrate 128 bit encryption technology into our secured web server system so that you may administrate your web pages in privacy, access confidential databases, communicate with email using SSL technology, etc. It's a strong vote of confidence when you need it the most.

Web pages require code to look the way they do. The most common code used to create web pages is known as HTML. We use a version standard (3.2) which has the higher population viewer base among the many different versions and flavors of browsers available. We strongly believe the site should look the same regardless of your visitor's choice of browsers.

Custom Programming
Do you have a wish list for the special functions you want your web site to perform? Perhaps we can help. We employ talented programmers well versed in Perl and PHP. These programs are well known as, but definitely not limited to, Guest-books, Mail Forms, Statistical Tracker, Shopping Carts, Search Engines, etc. Your web site can be customized to intuitively interact with your web site visitor. This enhancement has proven to bring repetitive traffic into your web site, in turn, increasing your potential profit margin.

Custom Graphics
Need images? Most web sites do. Colorful and effective graphics are often responsible for keeping your Internet visitor within your web site. An image should load quickly, and be small in size to work effectively. We have the capability to meet your graphic needs.

We use the following techniques to create images:
  • High Powered HP Scanners
  • AGFA Digital Cameras
  • From scratch in our graphics program
NOTE: All .gif images by Internet Marketing Specialists are created and saved under licensed versions (4.14, 5.0, 6.0) of Paint Shop Pro. Anyone with concerns regarding our use of the LZW compression technology (US Patent 4,558,302), owned by Unisys, should click here.

Flash Technology
Search Engine Registration
Search engines and link lists commonly serve as portals to the large number of web sites available on the Internet. During the explosive era of the Internet's growth, search engines were responsible for the vast volume of traffic into web sites. The common practice during the explosive era was to get your web site ranked extremely high. This 'king of the mountain' mentality has slowly faded away due to the large number of online competitors. We are entering a mature era where your web site needs to be listed in these directories as a supplemental promotion plan. Internet Marketing Specialists use tools & programs to register your site with over 2,200 search engines and free link lists.

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