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Note: This web site has been restored from a 2001 backup so I can show it. Offers made on the site are not valid. Expect broken links.


What does HTML stand for?
HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is the basic code that drives the foundation of the Internet pages.

Where can I go online to learn more about HTML?
We're happy you asked!
(Contributed by RC Computer)

The 10 Minute HTML Course
HTML Guide
Microsoft Web Workshop
HTML Compendium
HTML Goodies (All kinds of Info & Help)
Zdnet Internet Secrets
Web Design Group reference material on HTML
W3C The HTML Consortium
Zdnet Developers Site with online tools to check your work

What Program Should I Use to Build Web Pages?
There are many HTML editors out there. There is one that is free, and has made positive news on the Internet. 1st Page 2000 is designed for everybody between beginners to experts.
(Contributed by RC Computer)

What will various caches do with my pages?
Find out here! Cacheability Query

Design Really Matters!
It's way too easy to throw something together, and toss it up onto a server. The real challenge is to stay off the list of web sites to be reviewed by

Web Site Compatibility
When developing a web site, it should function well on as many computers as possible. There are a lot of variables to consider, and this is a great place to get started. Browser News: Statistics
(Contributed by RC Computer)

How do you accept Credit Cards?
CNET Credit Cards

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